Core Dynamics Medical Billing Services

Service Small to Medium Practices

We are a complete Medical Billing Service and are affordable very competitive and can accommodate your specific billing needs.

We specialize in the following:

Mental Health Billing


Physical Therapist

Speech Therapists


Workers compensation and MVA Claims

claims follow up services

Insurance Credentialing

Trust Our Experts With Your Billing Needs

Let Core Dynamics Medical Billing customize a competitive and affordable package that is customized to your practice. We have an experienced staff and the knowledge base to assist you in this time consuming and often confusing process. We can and will assist in getting your claims paid.

Constant changes in the health insurance industry is frustrating and time-consuming, even just to make a call to an insurance company. This can take hours of your precious time!

Core Dynamics keeps up with the all latest requirements in the medical insurance industry by having an experienced staff in the healthcare industry. We are always striving to assist our clients to better oversee your business and patients.

Core Dynamics is a complete Medical billing service. You can choose from our full package or only specific service areas of billing.

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Core Dynamics Is A Complete Medical Billing Service.

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